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The iPhone may be great for helping to organize and manage your life, but it doesn't mean that its users don't get stressed from time to time.

If you don't have a punchbag or a Valium to hand then you might want to reach for BubbleFREE to settle your nerves.

The object of BubbleFREE (previously known as BubbleWrap) is to burst the bubbles by crushing them virtually with your fingers. The more bubbles you burst in the given time, the more points you'll rack up. If you're a real popping professional then you may be able to burst the bubbles with several fingers simultaneously.

BubbleFREE is not a particularly mature game, but the bubbles look great and it's great fun to play. Unfortunately, the lack of sound effects means that it falls short somewhat in terms of that feeling of satisfaction you get when playing with the real thing.

Neverthless, BubbleFREE represents a good way to kill some time and forget about your stresses. Once you've popped, you can't stop!

Same great game, but with new name


  • Same great game, but with new name


BubbleFREE 2.0

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    Bubble Wrap For Your iPhone.
    If you like popping bubble wrap then you can have fun for countless hours trying to...   More